FAQ for Interpreters

Contact information:

Preferred Interpreters Inc.

President & CEO – Susi Bolender

E-mail: preferred.interpreters@gmail.com

Phone: 844-744-6275


1. How do I know if I am booked for an appointment?

A confirmation email will be sent to you along with entered into your online Acuity schedule. Appointments will be booked within 8 hours. If you haven’t received an email confirming you within this time frame you have not been booked for the appointment(s). 


2. Where do I find appointment details and contact information?

Refer back to the confirmation email received and check your online Acuity schedule.


3. How do I log into acuity to see my schedule?

Go to the acuity website at: https://secure.acuityscheduling.com/login.php Your login is your email address and password is temporarily setup as your first name in lowercase letters. We suggest changing this password once you have initially logged in. Once logged in, you can view your schedule by the daily, weekly or monthly settings. All interpreters are expected to

check their schedules for accuracy prior to pay periods on the 30th of each month as this is the system we use to issue payment.


4. Who will contact the client for prep materials?

Once we confirm you with the client(s) we expect that you will contact them directly for any prep materials. If any materials are sent to us we will ensure they are forwarded onto you.


5. What if I have an emergency or need to cancel last minute?

We understand that emergencies come up. Please contact us at preferred.interpreters@gmail.com at anytime. We also advise letting the onsite contact person know ASAP. As freelance interpreters we expect you to take it upon yourself to find a suitable replacement. When you have found a replacement please email to inform us so we can update schedules.


6. What if an appointment is cancelled within the 2 business day cancellation policy?

We will notify you of any cancellations. If the cancellation is within the 2 day cancellation policy you will still be paid for the appointment. If the cancellation is sent directly to you please kindly forward this email to us so we can keep for our records.


7. What do I do if no deaf client has shown up?

The answer to this depends on the dynamics of the situation. We advise you to always check in with your onsite contact and see how they want to proceed.  Typically for a 2 hour appointment, wait for 30 minutes then check in with your contact about leaving.  For an all day assignment, typically an hour.


8. What do I do if the deaf client leaves early?

If the deaf client leaves early and there is no further need for the interpreting services you must check in with the onsite contact person and follow their directions. Your onsite contact is the name and details provided on your confirmation.


9. What do I do if the assignment runs over the time scheduled?

We expect all interpreters to discuss with the onsite contact (who booked the appointment) about the scheduled appointment time. If the client requests for you to stay longer and you are available, please send us a quick email afterwards letting us know so we can adjust your schedule accordingly and ensure correct payment. We also suggest checking in with the onsite contact person prior to the start of the appointment to discuss their expectations.  Billing for overage time must be approved by someone on-site and we require that person's contact information to follow up.


10. How much will I get paid?

At Preferred Interpreters Inc., we strive to compensate our interpreters with a fair wage based on education and years of experience. The current pay grid as of January 2019 is:

Graduation to 6 months: $30

6 Months - 1 years: $35

1-5 years: $40

5-10 years: $45

10-15 years: $50

15+ years: $55

COI: $60


11. When and how will I get paid?

We have recently moved to an online interact e-transfer method for payment as of March 2016. We moved to this method as we are environmentally conscious and for the sake of efficiency. All transfers are sent the first week for the previous month. Ie. All work in April would be paid the first week of May.


12. What if the client tries to pay me onsite or tries to re-book me for another appointment?

If this happens please refer them back to us. They can contact us via email or phone to arrange payment and to make a request for another appointment.  Let them know they can request you by name and if you are available, we will book you.


13. Where do I find PI's terms and conditions?

You can find our policies on our website at www.bookinterpretersonline.com If you still have any further questions feel free to contact us directlyHere they are again:

1) Minimum Charge: Interpreting services less than two hours in total will be billed a minimum charge call-out fee. 

2) Hourly Portions thereof: Portions of an hour totaling more than 15 minutes will be billed at a per hour basis after 2 hours.

3) Cancellation Policy: A 48-hours notice of cancellation is required. Without 48 hours notice, the full amount will be billed for service.

4) 2nd Interpreter: Due to Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines, contracts requiring interpreting of more than 90 minutes require a second interpreter. Contracts will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if a team is necessary depending on the nature of the work.


14. What if someone asks for a business card?

We have business cards made up and if you do not have any please let us know and we can get you some to have on hand. Otherwise, please direct clients to contact us and we can send them one directly.