Why use PI?


When you hire a Preferred Interpreter, you are also helping the community. Preferred Interpreters donates a portion of every contract to various charities. When you hire a PI interpreter, not only are you providing access to the deaf individual you are servicing, you are also helping support the local and global communities in need.


We will also customize the services for your needs.  We provide video remote interpreting when we cannot find a local interpreter to attend the location of service.

Why Hire a Professional Interpreter?


Signing adequately is vastly different from professional interpreting. While a person who 'knows sign language' can generally converse with deaf people, qualified interpreters can deliver the translation smoothly, accurately, and impartially, adjusting to specialized terminology. Interpreters will say everything that is signed and sign everything that is spoken. They will not add to, edit, or censor the conversation.


If you're interested in learning about the profession of sign-language interpreting please visit The Association of Visual Language Interpreters or The Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters

About Preferred Interpreters

Preferred Interpreting Services is a community-minded organization, a collective of professional visual language interpreters providing the language bridge of interpretation services in a variety of settings.


We believe in the benefit of mentoring. Often we will send a team of interpreters to work together and encourage the ongoing learning in our profession.


We take accessibility seriously and urge service providers to learn about their role in accomodation.  Please review this document on Relevant Legislation that will help clarify some of the expectations of the Govenement of Canada when providing services for persons with disabilities.